Tutor Led Programmes

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We are an Accredited ILM Training Centre who offer ILM Programmes at all Levels from Level 2 right through to Level 7!

Our Tutor Led programmes are ran by EQV Training and there quality management Trainers.

The Tutor Led programme is broken down into a certain amount of days of training and coaching sessions required for the modules which you choose.The amount of time required to complete the qualification all depends on which level and module you chose, the minimum time needed to pass an ILM Qualification is 2 Days Training followed by However many Coaching sessions you may require but these are not mandatory.

Benefits of the Tutor Led Programme:

  • The Experienced Tutor will be there to answer any questions
  • We can deliver this programme at your location anywhere in the UK
  • Classroom based learning

For more information please call 0333 3444 475